Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dress with eyelets

Last night I finished the back of the baby dress for Lucy. It looks tiny but it's the 3-6 month size. I started the front and have the bottom garter stitch band done.

Red Scarf Project 2008
I met with part of my knitting group at work to kick-off the new Red Scarf Project. There were only three of us, so not really the official start but at least it's on their radar. We're starting much earlier this year because the deadline has been moved up to September-October. The other change is that we're meeting every week... there were a few people scrambling to finish close the the deadline in February. Most of the people in my group are not hard core Knitters and so they usually only knit their scarves when we meet for lunch. I figured that if we met more often, it would give them a better chance of finishing on time. We'll see I guess.

Driving Update

My driving is coming along. I still get afraid sometimes but it happens less. Things that used to really freak me out, now they are just annoying. And there are things that aren't scary at all anymore so maybe eventually I can move onto things like driving at night and on highways. :)
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