Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back from China

Max was in China for the past two weeks, which I did not mention for safety reasons, but now that's he's home, I can blog about it. He went to Jiu Zhai Guo, Shanghai, and Beijing to visit with his parents.

What Max had to say about Jiu Zhai Guo:
  • "It is really pretty here, beautiful mountains and stuff. The airport is actually on top of a mountain that they basically bulldozed the top to make it flat for a runway."
  • "I saw a bunch of cows, horses and goats on the trip from the airport to the hotel, and a deer farm. :)"

  • Yaks Sheep

  • "It was really beautiful, some the best nature I have ever seen... there were lakes and waterfalls, and some of the clearest water ever. The air was really clean and crisp, with everything all clean..."
The blue in the water is real and natural, from high iron deposits.

Here are some 'save the environment' posters with funny translations:
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