Monday, August 20, 2012

Grace's Mandarin

188 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745

We ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wrap to start. The chicken filling was delicious but we ran out of lettuce so we ended up eating the rest with our spoons. I ordered the Peking Duck Buns and liked them. The steamed buns were fairly authentic and the filling was tasty (though I could have done without the pickle just because it's not my favorite). Definitely enough food, portions were not a problem. I felt satisfied at the end of my meal - especially after the fortune cookie. Service was good.

Overpriced by at least 1/3, if not 1/2. We had a 10% off special and it STILL cost over $75 for one appetizer, two entrees, one soda and tip. The dining experience was not THAT good. The noise level was more like a casual dining restaurant. Hot towels on a hot day? Um... yeah, no thanks. The shabby menu almost falling apart, the wall next to our booth was dirty, and the ladies room needed to be cleaned up. And the qipao our waitress was wearing had a loop at her waist to hold the tongs for the towels, which Max thought was practical but it looked tacky.

Probably will not be going back unless there is a half off special. Especially since parking at National Harbor is not free! (My number one pet peeve about National Harbor)
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