Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The weather has been nice for the past few days so after work yesterday, Max and I headed to Home Depot to pick up a giant pallet of stuff from the garden center. When we got home, I planted some lilies of the valley while Max repotted one of our hostas. Then the two of us covered our front garden in a fresh layer of black mulch. Suddenly everything looks great! It's amazing what mulch can do. For now, it's a little bare with only the tiny green leaves of our chrysanthemums peeking up but we're expecting rain from Thursday through Monday so hopefully soon there will be more.

Tonight we tackle the back yard - including moving a giant juniper tree. THAT should be fun. But totally necessary. Luckily the hole is already partially dug (Sunday's effort) so maybe it won't take that long. My Dad gave me some chive heads to plant so those will go where the tree used to be, along with more mulch.
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