Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back!

You may have noticed that I've been gone for two weeks... or maybe not. :) I was on vacation! Max and I went to Beijing for the Olympics along with my bestfriend Kristina, her boyfriend Bruce, and our friend Missy. We stayed with Max's parents and his brother who has been there since June. It will take awhile to catch up on everything but let's start with the Olympics.

Our first event was at the Bird's Nest on August 16. Max and I got to sit together, Bruce and Kristina were in different sections.

Our next events were on August 18. Max and his Dad went to Beach Volleyball. Marvin, Kristina, Bruce, and I went back to the Bird's Nest for more Athletics (aka Track and Field).

On August 20, it rained all day. Max and Marvin went to Beach Volleyball and got drenched but were done by midday. Kristina, Bruce, and I went to the Men's Modern Pentathalon, which is shooting, fencing, swimming, horseback riding, and running events all in one day. We followed them from venue to venue across town in the rain. We missed the shooting because of the weather (traffic was terrible) and the last one because it was time to leave to meet the driver who was taking us home.

Everyone went to the Men's beach volleyball finals on the morning of August 21. The bronze medal match was between Georgia and Brazil (and we cheered for Georgia because Kristina and Bruce live in the state of Georgia). I met some Canadians during the intermission. Kristina and I were interviewed for Australian TV (a fluff story on if the women watch the men's beach volleyball for the sport or the eye candy). And my friend Missy caught the second volleyball that was thrown out into the crowd.

My last event was at the Bird's Nest with Max, Missy and Marvin on the evening of August 21. We walked by the set of the Today Show on the way there and saw Al Roker from a distance.

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