Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shrinky dinks

So when I learned that you could use any to make your own shrinky dinks, I immediately started checking all of my thin, clear plastic to see if it was usable (since it's not recyclably anyway). Finally last week I discovered that the inside plastic packaging from my favorite Trader Joe's mushroom turnovers was #6. While it's disappointing that Trader Joe's would use packaging that can't be recycled, I was still excited that I could use it to make some crafty items. My first thought was buttons but the packaging was small and I wanted to test how much it would shrink before I made some. My main concern was that the holes would disappear altogether - not entirely unfounded as you'll see. Also, after I saw the wee wonderful pins, I thought I would try that too. (Pin cushion provided by Mommy Rimes)

Here's my button:

Now that I know it works, I'll probably make two more. Max even got into it and made his own Spider-Man mask. Who knows what he's going to do with it but he seemed happy with it.

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