Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I worked on this on and off all weekend. Between the still healing bruised tail bone and the sprained ankle in a brace, it was difficult to find a sitting position that was comfortable for more than 30 minutes... never mind the pain meds that make me sleepy and tell my body that it is nap time. Nonetheless, here's how far I got:

Then I discovered I had made a mistake and started over. Do you see it? Here's where I'm at now:

I'm using Lion Brand Microspun in silver grey and 24" size 3 needles (because that's the smallest cable available in my Boye needle set and even after multiple pleadings Max will not go to the yarn store and buy me the proper size - perhaps I can do that on my trip). The yarn untwists and splits frequently, which is quite annoying but it's soft and machine washable. I'm enjoying knitting the cables and though I rarely knit from a chart, so far so good. Now. :) The Knitting Answer Book is just there to confirm that I did indeed M1 correctly.

For my trip to SFO travelling knitting, I'm making Clapotis from Alchemy Bamboo. I love the softness and sheen. It's very pretty and light.
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