Monday, March 21, 2011

Help support outdoor seating for Food Matters

In 1996, Greenvest L.C. purchased Cameron Station in Alexandria, Virgina. The mixed-used residential plan consists of 2,510 units including single family, townhome and multi-family dwellings with first level retail space.

Food Matters is located in a building run by the Cameron Station Condo Association but pays rent to Main Street, LLC. According to the Main Street Board President of the Condo Board, Steve Maquire, Greenvest was the one that setup the Main Street, LLC. Which seems a little convoluted to me but I guess that's not unusual for commercial real estate.Under the current terms, the condo association is liable if anything bad happens, not Greenvest, and so this spring the condo association decided to restrict the restaurant's use of outdoor seating.

As a long time Alexandria resident, I am strongly in favor of having outdoor seating at Food Matters. In fact, I would love to see the seating expanded! Part of what makes the community of Cameron Station so great is the gathering of people throughout the neighborhood. It enhances the entire neighborhood and makes it a really great place. Food Matters provides a meeting place so popular that when Max and I went there for dinner this weekend, we had to wait to be seated because all the tables were occupied. Even the barstools were full. And it was a shame that the outdoor seating was not in place - it was the perfect night for it.

If you are in support of the outdoor seating please politely express your opinion to Main Street Board President of the Condo Board, Steve Maquire.
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