Monday, January 17, 2011

A weekend in New York

On the subway
Max and I spent this weekend in New York - the biggest reason was to see the preview show of the Spiderman Musical, Turn Off The Dark. It was Max's Christmas present.

Max outside Foxwoods Theatre
It was a good show and everything went off without a hitch. The sets were well done - they had a huge bridge with a train running across it in a few scenes. The part in Queens had Peter Parker and Mary Jane walking through the neighborhood with the houses changing as they went. Cool stuff. The aerial work was great. Max was SUPER impressed. The singing was good and we both liked the music. Overall it was a really good experience. Max wants to go back in March once it opens officially.

We also went to the Comedy Cellar with our friend Sassi and two of her friends. A lot of good acts by some well credited comics... pretty funny stuff. Plus the food was good. Would definitely go back.

Yesterday, we had lunch with Max's aunt and uncle in Queens at Tung Shing. Food was good! My favorite is always there Peking Duck but this time I also really like the braised ribs and ma po dofu. Yum!

Today we went shopping - taking advantage of the holiday weekend! Bought some vanilla coconut body scrub from Sabon ( on a recommendation from my friend Missy) - that stuff is heaven. And such a pretty store.

93 Prince Street in Soho
I also bought a pair of Echo Touch gloves. I can wear them and still use my iPhone! Very cool. Also got a pair of Jessica Simpson jeggings. Wore them home on the train with my tall boots - they're actually quite comfortable.
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