Friday, November 19, 2010


Woo-hoo, Everybody! The 2010 KNERQ GIVE AWAY has finally arrived!!!

All you have to do is...ummm...say something funny in the comments - whoever I think is funniest...WINS!

Wins what? You might ask. And then I would tell you that you're being nosy. And if you want to win something you should just try to be funny. How hard can it be?

I don't know. But it seems like every other blog IN THE WORLD right now is. X-boxes, cameras, other stuff that I can't remember. And I guess those are the blogs that probably have more than 15 followers (plus those of you that secretly read - there's no shame). Well, what would you want? Obviously, I don't have an X-box to give you. And I really like my camera and there is NO WAY I'm giving you my cat - so don't even ask...


Deadline to enter is Sunday November 28 at midnight ET.

Full disclosure: I've stealing this idea from Jenny B. Including most the message, which has just been altered to suit my needs.
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