Monday, February 01, 2010

On the fritz

My knitting mojo has been on the fritz of late and after a row or two, I'm bored with it. Crazy, right? It's probably the winter blues just affecting everything else but this weekend I finished my first project of the year (and the first one since December). I don't have any pictures yet but I am quite happy with it. Very colourful and wavy. And even better, something for me! All that's left to do is weave in the end and steam press it on the ironing board.

Running update
Ran 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Could have been truly tortuous but it wasn't that bad actually. Today I'm feeling pretty good and if it continues I might go to the gym tonight and do another 2. I'm in training for a half marathon at the end of the month - yikes! Too soon! Too soon!

Driving update
There has been more driving on the highway and for longer distances. Woohoo!
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