Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Boston eats

Breakfast at Panera: chai latte and souffle. Yum!

Dinner at 29 Newbury

Max and I met Marvin's new girlfriend sometime before dinner and then made our way over to 29 Newbury Street. A great meal and a good atmosphere to get to know someone for the first time. I had the pizza. Max had the 29 Clambake. For dessert I had the grilled figs with marscapone cheese. Delicious. There are pictures but they are on Max's phone. Check out Urbanspoon. I'll probably upload them there sometime soon.

Dinner at Elephant Walk

We all had dinner together on Saturday night. I had the duck ravioli appetizer and the Loc Lac for my entree. A good meal and still one of our favorites.

JP Licks for dessert

Max's on the left is small mint chocolate chip. Mine is a medium - yes, that's right - maple butter walnut and pumpkin custard. The pumpkin custard is out of this world. So, so good!

Lunch at Legal Seafoods on Sunday was our last chance to hang out together and talk. Again, there are pictures but they are on Max's phone. I had the shrimp and garlic pasta - very good.
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